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Please notice that resorts with aircon and hot water may well have budget rooms without as well.



   BB’s lodging house

   Blue Corals       

   Celtis Resort  




   Ging Ging


   Isla Bonita     

   Logon Beach Resort      

   Malapascua Beach Resort

   Mangrove Oriental      

   Mike and Diosey’s    

   Moonlight Resort      

   Slam’s Garden Resort 


   Tepanee Beach Resort   


Because of the excellent diving, beautiful beaches and friendly people of Malapascua, the island is developing rapidly. Gone are the days where the only accommodation available were cheap beach huts with an optional mosquito net. Although still a small island, today you have different options to suit various budgets and requirements.

The price of accommodation on Malapascua reflects that it’s a tropical island destination, with limited internal competition. As such, don’t be surprised to find that rooms here are somewhat more expensive than you would pay for a similar room elsewhere in the Philippines. (Excepting other tourist hotspots like Boracay maybe) Expect to pay 1500+ php for A/C rooms. The extremely budget aware traveller may be able to find very very basic bungalows for as low as 500 php/night. Decent rooms with a fan start around 900 php though.

How to find your place...

When you arrive to Malapascua, unless you’re with a special transfer of some sort, you will be dropped off on Logon Beach.

The only accommodation currently available on Logon Beach, is Tepanee and Logon Beach Resort, both of which has their entrance on Logon Beach.

All your options, even the “remote” Exotic and Mike and Diosey’s are easily within walking distance, as the island is only about one kilometer wide. Porters on the beach will be happy to help carry your luggage for a small fee.


   1  Logon Beach Resort  and  Tepanee Beach Resort

   2  Blue Corals  and   Slam’s

   3  Malapascua Beach Resort  and Cocobana

   4  Sunsplash,   Isla Bonita    and  Hippocampus

   5  Dano

   6 Exotic

   7 Mangrove Oriental  and  Moonlight

   8 BB’s lodging house  and  Ging Ging


  10  Mike and Diosey’s